Connect Series Yearly Membership Fee

Approx $793.93 USD

+ £615.00 yearly


Thank you for choosing to join London Leaders Connect Series.  

What’s the purpose of the Connect Series? 

  • The focus of the Leaders Connect Series is to provide a sustainable community platform for companies to be connected to the latest Knowledge, community and Resources. 

What do I get? 

  • Invitations: 10 Workshops delivered online to Connect Members.

‘Ask the Expert’ Platform & Inner Circle

  • Get direct access to answers and information on critical issues & opportunities being faced. Directly connect with Industry Experts to make informed, timely decisions on these issues. 

      Leaders Resource Centre & International Leaders APP

      • The entire Leaders community, content and expert advice in the palm of your hand, PC and tablet

      Reciprocal Rights Access

      • Use our exclusive reciprocal rights access to attend events and connect with people in any other Leaders Series location. 

      Community & Expert Catch Up

      • Grow your business connections. Join our monthly online forum designed for our Connect Series Member to engage with other Members throughout London

      What is my investment? $900 (+VAT) for a year. Includes invitation to all events and items above for one person. 

      Where can I review the full terms and conditions? By renewing, you accept the Membership terms and conditions which can be viewed by clicking on this link.

      Expression of Interest

      London Leaders selects leading growth companies to become Members.

      International Leaders