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Welcome to Leaders. Your journey has already started, and below you will find some useful items to help with this.

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The Member logo is only provided to selected Executive Leaders and Future Leaders. You are welcome to use it in your email signatures, on your website or other locations where your association with Leaders will add value. To save a copy, simply right-click on the logo and save it to your computer.


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How do I describe Leaders on my website, in a document, or should someone ask me about it?
Leaders is focused on Inspiring Leading Companies. It does this through the provision of knowledge, networks and capital. Leaders brings fresh expertise, industry knowledge and valued connections. Leaders enables leading companies to not only face a broad range of challenges and opportunities, but to excel in driving personal, professional and business growth.

Social Media - I want to get involved in the conversation!
Leaders operates 2 social media accounts - one for Twitter and another for LinkedIn. Here are the links:

Who are my fellow participants?
To view a full list of all participants, including their descriptions, key contact information and their expertise, please visit the Leaders Resource Centre. You will need to login and will be provided these details separately. The information within the Leaders Resource Centre is available to your entire team, however must not be distributed publicly or used for marketing or promotional purposes.

On our public pages we provided a list of logos. You can see these here and are welcome to share with others:

Can I nominate another business to Leaders who I think may benefit from involvement?
Yes, at any time. The best way to do this is to firstly speak with the company you are proposing to nominate and then provide an email introduction between that company and Leaders. Leaders will then talk further to the company and keep you updated as to the progress of conversations.

Alternatively, you may ask the company to nominate directly:

How can I access Reciprocal Rights to attend another Leaders Series?
If you wish to attend an upcoming Leaders Series in another region and to access key introductions, please let us know. We will organise to introduce you to the CEO of the Series you wish to attend. They will then be in touch with you to provide event details, understand more about your requirements, and to help prepare for your attendance. For a full list of current Leaders Series locations, please go here:

I am looking for funding and/or to enter a new market...
Great. In addition to the conversations, relationships and opportunities directly through this Leaders series, you might also like to promote your opportunity on the Leaders Investment Centre. This will ensure that participants across all the Leaders series gain access to what you are looking for. The Leaders Investment Centre helps with Equity funding, Debt funding, Merger & Acquisition, Exit, and of course New Market Entry. For more details, go here:

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London Leaders selects leading growth companies to become Members. Up to 25 Executive Leaders and 16 Future Leaders are selected each year.