London Leaders Open House | 30th November

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We are delighted to invite you to join the London Leaders Open House taking place on Thursday 30th November.

In the ever-evolving business landscape, London Leaders provides an expert-led platform that surrounds a small number of quality privately-owned companies with the expertise and experience of trusted business and industry experts to fast-track outcomes and create opportunities. Open House is the perfect introduction to International Leaders where you'll meet key business leaders, industry experts, and connect with a new range of ideas and opportunities.

Who is this for:

  • CEOs, MDs, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs that are ambitious and hungry for taking their business to the next level
  • Management teams who seek the knowledge and networks to evolve their business to the next stage
  • Executives who are open to new ideas, information and thinking

Open House offers a great opportunity to participate in three interactive knowledge workshops, engage with our team of industry experts with diversified expertise in a range of sectors, as well as meet Rob Boll, CEO of International Leaders UK, in person to find out more about our community and how we can add value to you and your business.

General Information & Agenda

Date:   Thursday 30th November
Time:   1.30pm - 6.00pm
Venue: Victory Services Club, 63‑79 Seymour Street, London W2 2HF
Fee:      £99 + VAT


Introduction and Welcome | Rob Boll, CEO


Knowledge Workshops
Interactive knowledge workshops led by Industry Experts:

Pangea Insurance | Your Business Insurance: What you might not know?
Delving into the often-overlooked aspects of business insurance, we will be guided through crucial topics that every business owner should be well-versed in. From identifying areas where your business may lack sufficient insurance protection to exploring common gaps in insurance coverage that can leave your company vulnerable, we'll be tackling the key challenges head-on. Moreover, we will demystify complex insurance jargon, helping you gain a clear understanding of your policies, so you can make well-informed decisions.

Evoke Management | Budgeting for 2024 and beyond – A focus on Pricing Strategy
Explore the essential aspects of budgeting for the upcoming year, with a particular emphasis on pricing strategy. Discover how to align your financial plans with long-term objectives, optimise pricing models, and adapt to evolving market dynamics. Gain insights that will empower your business to thrive in 2024 and beyond, ensuring a competitive edge through strategic pricing decisions

DataGardener | Driving Growth through Business Intelligence
This workshop is your gateway to unlocking the transformative potential of business intelligence. Join us as we delve into the strategies, tools, and insights that empower organisations to harness data-driven growth. Discover how to leverage business intelligence for informed decision-making, enhanced performance, and sustainable expansion. Equip your business with the knowledge and tools needed to drive robust and sustainable growth through the power of business intelligence..


Comfort Break


Guest Introduction to ILUK | Rob Boll, CEO
An opportunity to find out more about our community and how we can add value to you and your business


Connect Reception


Close of Evening

*By attending this event, you also accept the Guest Attendance and Charter of Engagement 

Expression of Interest

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