Executive Leaders Series

Leaders inspires companies through knowledge, connections and resources.

Leaders surrounds growth companies with the expertise and experience of Business and Industry leaders to provide an effective, trusted community that fast-tracks outcomes and leads to greater prosperity for each Member.

Your Opportunity

Executive Leaders Members gain a trusted community that delivers knowledge and support to access growth, innovation, and opportunity.

It is structured and time efficient.  Only 25 companies are invited each year to become Members.  This ensures they build meaningful relationships and achieve exceptional outcomes.

Your Community

Each Executive Leader engages with the wider Leaders community, including Advisory Board, Industry Partners, Industry Experts, Future Leaders, Alumni Members, and fellow Executive Leaders.

Participants from each company involved always include the key decision makers, Founders, CEO’s and Directors.

Hear from some of our Members on their experience with Leaders.

Reach Your Peak.  Developing you as a leader in business, supporting your growth, and inspiring you with real world connections.

You have access to the following initiatives as part of your involvement, creating significant value throughout.

  • Knowledge & Support: Structured, ongoing knowledge building and mentoring support from Business & Industry leaders.

  • Connection: Real world connections with peers to fast track company growth and access opportunities.
  • ‘Ask the Expert’ Platform: Get direct access to answers and information on the critical issues, opportunities and threats being faced. Directly connect with Industry Experts to make informed, timely decisions on these issues .
  • Reciprocal Rights: Expand business into new markets or connect with people in other locations. Use our exclusive reciprocal rights access to attend events and connect with people in any other Leaders Series location. The most efficient way to develop new markets and opportunities.
  • Leaders App & Resource Centre: The entire Leaders community and resources in one place. Easily access the latest information and content, as well as profiles and information of others involved. Engage directly with Industry Experts and other participants to build trusted relationships and create opportunities.
  • Resources: Access to investment, trade and other key business resources and skills to support growth.

I joined Leaders primarily to gain access
to and learn more about options around funding future expansion. Through the Knowledge Workshops and Mentoring,
I accessed the skills and advice to further the opportunity
and access funding for acquisitions.

Jamie Pherous, Managing Director, Corporate Travel Management

Your Leaders Experience

Leaders host 10 core events during the year in London in addition to other activities.

The Executive Leaders engagement is tailored to meet their individual needs and requirements. Each Member receives a range of opportunities to build high-level, trusted relationships across the community to empower them to achieve their desired goals.

Knowledge Workshops

Executive Leaders access three workshops each month, delivered by Industry Experts. These workshops provide the most up to date knowledge and expertise to support Executive Leaders navigate challenges and accelerate growth.

“Ask the Expert” Sessions

Executive Leaders have two sessions every month with Industry Experts. These sessions address immediate challenges while exploring new opportunities and building trusted relationships.

Connect Event

Hosted by the Advisory Board and Industry Partners, the wider Leaders community joins these events each month. They are inspiring and provide some of the best engagement with Business and Industry leaders.

The Executive Leaders Series includes:

  • 30 Knowledge Workshops delivered by Industry Experts, focused on real-time strategic opportunities.
  • 20 ‘Ask The Expert’ 1-on-1 Sessions in conversation with leading Industry Experts.
  • 15 Leaders Insight addresses delivered by leaders from our Industry Partners and guests.
  • 10 Connect Events, plus attendance at the Graduation Ceremony.
  • Alumni Membership for a further 2 years, including ongoing access to the community.
  • Option to continue to engage with the Alumni Series ongoing.
  • Access to the Leaders Resource Centre and Leaders App for your key leadership team.
  • Reciprocal access to other International Leaders Series to access new markets and opportunities.

You're in great company

Our current Executive Leaders include:

Expression of Interest

Each year Leaders selects leading companies from all the expression of interest received to become Executive Leaders Members.

International Leaders