Upskilling and Succession

How can my business deliver Upskilling and Succession?

For businesses to deliver innovation, growth and profitability, ongoing development of skills is vital. The ambition for business owners is to become redundant from the day-to-day operations and work on the strategic direction. Succession represents a critical component in the evolution of businesses. For succession to work, the founder must build a trusted team to take over operations. There must be clarity of roles and responsibilities and defined budgets to manage growth.

Case Study: Buckley Gray Yeoman

For Buckley Gray Yeoman, it’s all about breaking old habits and recognising that you don’t know what you don’t know. For this leading architectural firm with almost a hundred people, upskilling the team was the big why for connecting with London Leaders.

This biggest advantage has been exposure to people in different industries and different walks of life. The insights into how leaders address similar challenges have been immeasurably important as the business transitions into the next strata of architectural practices.

There's always nuggets that you take away and put into practice. By taking myself out of the bubble for an afternoon each month, it reminds you that to run a successful business and to create a great culture, you need to develop yourself too. It's easy to forget that.”

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