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How can I access trusted Personal and Professional Development?

Business founders and leaders are so busy that they are notorious for neglecting professional development. However, group think and complacency leads to below average performance. In order to improve and evolve a business, access to the latest knowledge and insights is essential. That’s why so many successful businesses explore and apply new thinking and new ideas from outside the industry. This creates competitive advantage and leap innovation.

Case Study: CIRIA

CIRIA is the construction industry research and information association. As a lean not-for-profit organisation, the primary motivation for involvement with London Leaders was continuous professional development at a personal and business level.

Through London Leaders, the CEO has established strong relationships with the Advisory Board, Industry Experts and fellow Members. This has assisted greatly with the reinforcement of existing strengths together with the development of new skills.

The most valuable part of London Leaders has been the networking, which has enabled us to tap into a range of services. I have found the mentoring sessions to be really good. This short burst of intense interaction really makes you think laterally about the organisation.

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