Innovation and Sustainability

How can my business achieve Innovation and Sustainability?

Change is constant. Change presents challenges and creates opportunities. As businesses continue to adapt, the three key drivers of value are considered to be innovation, intellectual property and brand differentiation. To stay ahead of the game and lift the barriers to entry, innovation is crucial. To take that a step further, sustainability is the art of innovation whilst maintaining a reliable and balanced business that delivers against growth aspirations.

Case Study: New Dawn Risk

As a specialist insurance broker providing innovative solutions to UK businesses, the formula was straightforward. With a valuation based on profits, the goal was to build an even bigger and more sustainable business. That was the main driver to join London Leaders.  

This experience with the diverse and supportive Leaders community has enabled the business to remain on track from an operational perspective. By looking at and doing things differently, the business has also unlocked opportunities for future innovation.

The added bonus of London Leaders has been the professional networking. We’ve made great friends, forged new business relationships and been exposed to different industries. It’s a chance to step away from the day-to-day operations and think about strategy.

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