Growth and Scaling Up

How can my business achieve Growth and Scaling Up?

Growth is critical for all businesses to improve long-term competitiveness and profit margins. As growth drives economies of scale, businesses have the capability to produce greater output with fewer resources. To achieve growth requires a strategic approach with careful planning and a deep understanding of existing and potential markets. Scaling up represents an accelerated version of growth. This systematic approach is often used to capitalise on innovation opportunities.

Case Study: Aquamark Cleaning

Aquamark provide a high-quality commercial window cleaning service right across the UK. With the desire to achieve growth and create opportunities for both the business and the team, the founder embarked on a journey with the London Leaders community.

Through access to knowledge and expertise across disciplines, Aquamark continue to implement positive changes. By getting back to basics, these changes have yielded significant results in terms of business growth and personal development.

I enjoy talking to people and have made great relationships through London Leaders. It’s helpful to be surrounded by like-minded people who share similar experiences. This is such a great place to learn and then apply that knowledge back to the business.

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