Expert and Peer Community

How can I access a trusted Expert and Peer Community to support my business?

Running a business can be lonely. It can be stressful and overwhelming at times. It’s not always possible to share problems with staff or family. An independent voice of reason is often the answer. With a like-minded community of trusted experts and business owners, the opportunity exists to discuss challenges and share experiences. This provides comfort and confidence. And in turn, this helps business founders and leaders to make the best possible decisions.

Case Study: Rooster Marketing

Rooster Marketing are a full-service marketing agency with purpose, passion and attitude. After extensive engagement with London Leaders, the founder transitioned into an Industry Expert role to provide guidance and support to the ever-growing Member community.  

With technology moving at an insane pace, London Leaders has helped the business to stay up to speed with the latest thinking. This continuous learning is made possible by ongoing communication with different types of businesses and different types of people.

What I really like about London Leaders is the people and it’s in my nature to help. The interesting thing is that even if Members already have particular expertise in place, you can still help by challenging the process and providing validation around these arrangements.

Case Study: Cambridge Audio

At Cambridge Audio, it’s all about enriching life through quality sound. It’s also about enriching life for the dedicated and inspirational team. And as it can be lonely at the top, the company made to decision to become part of the London Leaders expert and peer community.  

The business leader has valued the opportunity to talk to people who have been through similar challenges. In particular, mentoring sessions have provided a sounding board for new ideas. These perspectives have contributed towards even more informed decisions.

For us, lots of little learnings along the way have moved things forward. Some of the most blatantly obvious questions have been incredibly important. These conversations have been impactful as we reflect upon what’s working and what’s missing in the business.

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